Friday, June 15, 2007

Tony Snow Can't Handle The Truth

It is not surprising that the White House press secretary occasionally has trouble with the truth, it is certainly no longer a surprise to question the validity of Tony Snow's statements, many of which are factual challenged to say the least. What is surprising is to see Mr. Snow questioned as to the veracity of his statements.

The White House press corps may ask the question but they repeatedly fail to follow up and accept Mr. Snow's brush offs and denials without further question. Jon Stewart of the Daily Show took the extra step on Thursday night's show. Three months ago on March 15 Mr. Snow said that the United States Attorney 'purge' was performance based:

MR. SNOW: No, I think -- again, what the President has -- the Department of Justice has made recommendations, they've been approved. And it's pretty clear that these things are based on performance and not on sort of attempts to do political retaliation, if you will.
During Wednesday's press briefing Mr. Snow denied that statement:
Q: Okay, but at the beginning of this story, the President, you, Dan Bartlett, others said on camera that politics was not involved, this was performance-based.

MR. SNOW: That is something -- we have never said that. I think you'll have to take a look at comments that have been made by the Justice Department. What we've said is that people serve at the pleasure of the President. That's the operative principle here.

Mr. Snow is lying. There is no question, the proof is available from the White House's own press briefing transcripts, and Mr. Stewart has the video as well.

Why is such a blatant lie, such disrespect of the American Public and disregard for the truth only pointed out by a late night comedy show?

While Mr. Stewart continues to insist that he is not a journalist but a comedian and commentator, his show continues to be one of the few media outlets that routinely questions the hypocrisy of the Bush Administration and its supporters. More journalists should take a cue from Mr. Stewart and fight to bring the truth to their readers and viewers.

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