Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ana Marie Cox Can't Handle Reality

During coverage of the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on the August 27 edition of MSNBC Live Ana Marie Cox, of Time Magazine, compared the tough questioning of Mr Gonzales by United States Senators to torture.

Well, it's tempting to go with what John Edwards said, which is, "Better late than never." I think a lot of people in Washington, no matter what political affiliation they had, had been sort of watching this and shuddering for the guy. I mean, the last time he went in front of Congress, I felt sorry for him. It was like -- it was legislative waterboarding. You know, they just kept going after him and kept going after him.
(from Media Matters w/ video)
Ms. Cox's analogy is horribly inappropriate and demonstrates a shocking lack of understanding and divorce from reality. To compare the efforts of elected public representatives to undertake their Constitutional responsibility and perform the oversight duties required of them with the immoral and illegal act of simulated drowning known as waterboarding is to disrespect the Constitution, the Senate and Senators as well as the American public that they represent, and the countless individuals who have been subjected to actual torture in America's name. Unfortunately this is just another daily example of the dismal state of journalism in America today.

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