Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Tale Of Two Headlines

The headlines for the Washington Post and the New York Times editions of Tuesday, September 11, 2007 are striking in their contrast and serve to demonstrate the divide in quality reporting that now exists between two of the nation's leading daily papers.

The Washington Post
: Petraeus Backs Initial Pullout - General Praises Progress, Warns Against 'Rushing to Failure'

The New York Times
: Petraeus Warns Against Quick Pullback in Iraq

The article lead for the Post is "Plan Would Reverse Troop 'Surge' in Iraq By Next Summer", in the Times "Partisan Tensions and Protests at the Hearing"

At a glance the Washington Post would have its readers believe that General Petraeus has announced a new reduction in in the number of American soldiers in Iraq. Conversely the New York Times gives its readers a much more accurate preview of the proceedings in which Mr. Petraeus endorsed the status quo.

The Times provides a snippet of reporting in its headline while the Post merely offers cheerleading.

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