Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Mainstream Media Can't Handle the Truth - A Call for Impeachment

In the latest incident of the mainstream media ignoring the truth and refusing to bring the public real journalism or even news, no newspaper would publish an op-ed authored last week by Representatives Robert Wexler of Florida, Luis Gutierrez of Illinois and Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, all Democrats on the Judiciary Committee, calling for impeachment hearings to begin immediately for Vice President Richard Cheney.

After being stonewalled by the Washington Post, New York Times and other papers, the Congressmen have launched a website and distributed the op-ed as a statement which has generated some online coverage. However, the mainstream media remains conspicuously silent.

The op-ed and a video statement from Mr. Wexler can be seen at

The website also contains a petition of support. At 3:00 pm today it contained 36,500 signatures, as of 5:20 there were more than 41,000 signatories.

John Nichols at The Nation has more.

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