Thursday, April 3, 2008

Best. Story Corps. Ever.

Thats right folks, a really great Story Corps from NPR. Normally when they come on these days I sort of zone out, or sometimes wonder why I'm hearing some inane story from some old lady-which I'm sure is a beautiful and touching moment for her and her family-but come on its six something AM and I have Morning Edition on for the news.

These days I only hear Story Corps on Fridays (it ran everyday when I lived in Connecticut last year, it probably still does) and I missed this one on air. Much to my chagrin I came across it somewhere online (I don't remember where, sorry whoever you are), can you imagine how great it would have been to hear this story while getting ready to face the day?

Well you do have to know the story to imagine hearing it while searching for a clean shirt. The short version goes like this: This guy, Julio Diaz, gets mugged leaving the subway up in the city (yes thats what we call NY in DC), offers the kid his coat too, ends up having dinner with his assailant, tells the kid he has to pay seeing as how he's stolen Julio's wallet , ends up getting the wallet back and buying the kid the meal and giving him twenty bucks for his knife. Not a bad evening of social work.

Seriously though, listen to the actual story, its worth the time.

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  1. Hi Henry,

    Thank you for listening and for blogging about StoryCorps! It’s always so exciting, and such a testament to stories like Julio Diaz’s, so see broadcasts passed on.

    I wanted to let you know about the National Day of Listening, which StoryCorps is launching the day after Thanksgiving, November, 28, 2008. We are asking Americans to take an hour to record a conversation with a friend, loved one, or someone whose story they have always been curious about. The National Day of Listening website ( contains more information, tips for a Do-it-Yourself style interview, as well as a video that walks viewers through an interview scenario.

    As we head into the holiday season during this time of economic uncertainty, so many of us are on the lookout for the right gift for the important people in our lives. Sitting down and listening to a loved one is the most meaningful and least expensive gift you can give. We hope you and your readers will join us in celebrating this day and spreading the word that listening is an act of love.

    Best wishes,
    Amy Weinfurter
    Communications Project Assistant