Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome to 2009

I'm sure that you have all been wished a happy new year more times than you can possibly stand already so I won't bother.

This is pretty much a housekeeping note, it was nice to be able to keep this blog regularly updated during the stretch run of 2008 and we certainly hope to keep that level of posting up in 2009.

I'd like to remind everyone out there in RSS land and those of you who just don't pay attention to the sidebar that Coppola Comments Too is filled with fun non-politically tinged stuff, mostly of the you've gotta see this variety. The back page (as I like to call it) is updated about 10 times a month so please check it out, especially if you find yourself looking for the lighter side of life.

I've just dropped from the filing system links for items I didn't get around to writing over the past couple of months. Here's one that I had to throw your way though, a tailor in Columbia now offers bullet-proof hunting jackets (they look like regular field coats) in the wake of Cheney blasting away at his 'friend' a while back the jackets have become quite popular apparently. And the UK Gaurdian (being British and therfore a bit daft) sent a reporter to try one on and then get shot (sorry you have to follow the link for the video).

and just for the hell of it...

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