Friday, December 4, 2009

Read This Now - Media Maddness

How the World Works' take on the pending Comcast acquisition of NBC is well worth reading...

But there's the rub. Cable and the Internet have expanded options. The immediate downside: the flagship networks have been reduced to such dire gambles as running Jay Leno every night for an hour in primetime or turning themselves into ongoing lingerie ads. Still, that's OK, because we have somewhere else to go. But when a Comcast buys an NBC Universal, acting in defense against the proliferation of consumer choice, the clear signal is that somehow, some way, the new masters of the universe will be looking for a way to make us pay.
The parts on the negative effects of the proliferation of choices are particularly interesting; while I would mention TGIF instead of The Brady Bunch the dynamic is similar for my generation but probably completely different for folks just a few years younger than I.

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