Saturday, June 12, 2010

Spillage, Yep We're Pretty Much F'd

I've just gotten caught back up with the Oilpocalypse after not following things closely for the past week. Not surprisingly it seems like we're still pretty screwed.

Despite BP's continued best efforts to prevent reporters and photographers from getting access to affected areas more pictures of the growing damage are emerging. The Big Picture has a good wrap up that you should check out.

The AP provided this underwater footage, which some folks have called a bit of a stunt. I think that it does a good job of highlighting the fact that a ton of damage is being done below the surface in the Gulf. Which is important to remember given the oceans' ongoing troubles with being out of sight and out of mind.

(via CJR)

CJR has a fantastic piece up answering readers' FAQ's on the Oilpocalypse and BP's bumbling response. You should definitely take some time to read through it.

There is of course much much more out there on the internets about the Oilpocalypse and BP has been buying up the search words surrounding the disaster, which while distasteful, is probably the right PR move.

This video summary of events and the BP response is one of the best reactions out there right now though...

And continuing our policy of not using Comedy Central's crappy embed codes you should go to Salon and see Jon Stewart's latest run down, it's priceless.

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