Saturday, July 10, 2010

Climate Change

It's happening outside and for several of the Triangle's universities it's finally happening indoors as well.

This week the N&O reported that Duke will set thermostats at 76 in the summer and 68 in the winter (give or take a couple of degrees and excepting dorms and hospital buildings).  State is working on a similar initiative, but UNC isn't mentioned.

This is great news, and not just because it means I won't have to bring a long sleeved shirt to wear in the LSRC during the warmer months while I'm in an ENVIRONMENTAL master program (yes, I was raising my voice there).  The financial savings should be pretty decent as well, which is important in these uncertain times that see universities losing state funding at alarming rates.  Throw in the new NC legislation allowing state universities to keep the savings they reap from energy effeicency improvements and we're off and running.

(sorry I can't find a link to a story on the legislation, trust me it's happening, link in update if possible)
(and yes, that first link does include a wicked burn)

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