Sunday, April 24, 2011

Harder To Read - Easier To Remember?

This story was up a while ago but I just got back to it in my 'To Read' folder.  An interesting look at how our brains process and store information centered on recent studies showing that crazy fonts may make it easier for subjects to recall what they read then if the same material was presented in a plain font.

Sounds like a potential winner for teachers of younger students with attention issues...
Last week, science writer and editor Christian Jarrett blogged about a new study, published this month in Cognition. The researchers, led by Connor Diemand-Yauman, asked 28 student volunteers to read about hypothetical alien species from a sheet printed in either 16-point Arial, 12-point Bodoni, or, yes, 12-point Comic Sans. The larger Arial font was much more legible than the other two versions, but in a quiz 15 minutes later, students reading the Bodoni or Comic Sans versions were significantly more accurate in recalling details about the aliens.

(via SEED)

Bolded, italicized, Trebuchet is the weirdest Blogger is set up for...

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