Monday, November 28, 2011

Read This Now - Keep It To The Limit

Greater Greater Washington has a nice rundown on the benefits of traffic cameras both generally and to the DC area specifically.  The bottom line is that traffic cameras reduce speeding and make the streets safer for everyone...

We need more traffic cameras, not fewer, and should place them in the real danger spots. DC is getting 9 new permanent cameras, but it's been over a year that MPD has been trying to bring in a more comprehensive system. There would be mobile cameras that they can deploy temporarily at high-danger spots, and cameras to catch box-blocking or failing to yield to pedestrians. 
I'm a fan of traffic cameras, yes it's annoying when you get a ticket in the mail but the driving is noticeably safer and less reckless where cameras have been installed and that's something I can support as a driver, pedestrian, and occasional biker.

Read the whole thing for links on how traffic cameras make us safer and GGW's thoughts on blocking the box cameras (talk about a good idea).

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