Thursday, September 18, 2008

Spain is in Europe

Memo to John McCain: not everyone with a Spanish surname is from Latin America. There's this other country, a long standing NATO member and ally of the US, it's in Europe, it's called Spain.

Last night McCain gave a radio interview (conducted in English) to a Spanish language radio station in Miami which is affiliated with a major news radio station in Spain. Towards the end of the interview, after having been asked about several Latin American countries and how he would handle relations with them if elected (Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba) the interviewer asks him about the President of Spain and McCain replies with a load of nonsense about meeting with friendly countries from Latin American and standing up to others who don't want to work with the US.

It quickly becomes clear that McCain doesn't know who the President of Spain is, and doesn't know that Spain is in Europe. Either that or his mental ability and cognition is so deteriorated that he just can't understand what he's being asked. The interviewer prompts him more than once that she is 'talking about Europe'. Listen for yourself, and then head over to TPM for more coverage.

Only time will tell if the MSM pick up on this latest embarrassment.

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