Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sarah Palin and Wasilla's Rape Kits

Okay, so about a week ago Maya sent me to Get Your War On to check out the episode about Sarah Palin and her policy on rape kits. GYWO was, as always, completely over the top, so I did some research. The issue (according to Jessica Yelin at CNN) appears to be that the chief of police Palin appointed in Wasilla was one of the most vocal opponents of legislation banning the charging of victims for thier own rape kits. His objections were based in fiscal concerns. There was a lot of pressure to eliminate budget items while Palin was Mayor, but that she didn't specifically target the cost of rape kits. It's still pretty messed up, but I see it more as an issue of callousness than delibrate targeting of rape victims.

I can't really do a better job of making this funny than the comic that brought this issue to my attention:

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