Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On Anger

I think that Greg Sargent is right on the money with this take on liberal outrage...

Obama is one of the most gifted public communicators in decades. His campaign was premised on the idea that liberals needn’t shy away from arguments with the right or cede them any rhetorical turf. For this reason, each time Obama does cede rhetorical ground on this or that issue, liberals see Obama engaging in a larger capitulation. He seems to be giving up on his own potential for persuasion.
Throw in some polling from Democratic held congressional swing districts that overwhelmingly show voters upset with Obama's, and Democrats generally, failure to deliver change and you've pretty much got it boiled down.

An historic opportunity to make change has been all but lost at this point, and it was squandered by an Administration that was unwilling to throw it's weight around and that has been missing in action since the going got tough. True the intractability of the Senate and the debacle that is a 60 vote requirement to govern are also to blame.

But to not fight, to not go out and even try to win the argument, and then to say fine forget it we'll just freeze spending instead is not only disheartening and idiotic, it's shameful.

I'm taking the sticker off my car today, this is no longer an Administration that I believe in.

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