Thursday, January 28, 2010

Read This Now - The State Of The Court

I was multi-tasking last night so I missed Justice Alito's response to President Obama's condemnation of the recent SCOTUS ruling on Citizens United, and frankly I don't really want to get into it. Doing so would just be yet another distraction from the hard work of governing that our currently elected representatives are having so much trouble with of late.

That said Glenn Greenwald has an interesting piece up on the increasing politicization of the Court and the resulting decline in the Court's credibility...

It was clear from Sam Alito's confirmation hearing and his record of appellate opinions that he is a dogmatic, state-revering, right-wing judge. But last night, he unmasked himself as a politicized and intemperate Republican as well. Much of the public will view his future "judicial" and "legal" conclusions -- and those of his fellow Court members -- with an even greater degree of cynicism. And justifiably so. Whatever impulses led him to behave that way last night, they have nothing to do with sober judicial reasoning or apolitical restraint.
It's a pretty short piece and full of interesting links, so go have a look.

See also the NYT editorial board's take on Citizens United.

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