Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Ads

I had a great time watching the Super Bowl this year with a great crowd of friends, it didn't hurt at all that our host are big time Saints fans, with proper NO connections, who prepared some of the most kick-ass gumbo that I've ever had.

The ads are always an important part of any Super Bowl viewing as well. I found this year's a little lacking overall a couple stood out for me though.

First the crowd favorite far and away was the little kid Doritos one:

I also really enjoyed the Google ad, it was cute and different enough to catch everyone's attention, plus we all made references to googling things the entire rest of the night:

A final note after lots of talk about what a controversy the Tebow ad was and would be, it was such an uninteresting spot that none of us even knew it was on until the very end when someone said isn't that that Tebow guy?

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