Monday, February 1, 2010

The Taylor Mali Rabbit Hole

So I fell down a rabbit hole this afternoon, I managed to pull myself out so that I could share it with ya'll.

Sure a rabbit hole you may be saying I get it, but who is Taylor Mali?

Ever seen the 'What Teachers Make' video once again making the rounds of the interwebs? He's that guy, a teacher and a poet and an inspirational one at that.

Here is another poem / presentation of his that I particularly enjoy:

If you haven't seen 'What Teachers Make' yet here's a link to one of the several versions of it that currently exist, you may also be interested in Mali's homepage, his background on 'What Teachers Make', and the TED Talks page that got me started on this journey.

Enjoy yourselves, and beware it can get a little dusty when you watch some of these.

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