Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And Maybe We Shouldn't Let Everyone Vote

I'm actually not going to make that argument, I'm a pretty staunch advocate of fuller and more direct democracy (at least in theory).  That said this recent piece of polling from Bloomberg is just another reason to not be surprised with the outcomes of American elections.  In short most voters are stupid and highly uninformed...

52-19 likely voters told Bloomberg that income taxes had gone up for the middle class under the Obama Administration.

And yet...

The Obama administration has cut taxes -- largely for the middle class -- by $240 billion since taking office on Jan. 20, 2009. A program aimed at families earning less than $150,000 that was contained in the stimulus package lowered the burden for 95 percent of working Americans by $116 billion, or about $400 per year for individuals and $800 for married couples. Other measures include breaks for college education, moderate- income families and the unemployed and incentives to promote renewable energy. 
That's a pretty unflattering piece of info right there.

(via HTWW)

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