Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting High

I've always liked this info-graphic from the WaPo on DC's height limits and I thought that I had shared it before but couldn't find it after discussing the limits in a class this morning.  So here you go.  I don't want to get into all of the specifics of the arguments that surround maintaining the limits or loosening, especially considering that I doubt any changes are looming due in no small part to the need for congressional legislation to change the rules.

I will say that I grew up in DC (ok, Takoma Park) and I'm a staunch defender of the limits.  I also find it amusing that it's mostly displaced NYC folks who agitate for a change and that the argument that DC is empty in the evening because it doesn't have enough density is laughable at best.

But enjoy the info-graphic before I get caught up in a rant, and if you must know more check out this post from We Love DC.

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  1. Not saying we should be like Arlington across the bridge but I think we could get a little bigger and increase our density. While DC is certainly not dead at night in areas like Dupont, U St. and Adam's Morgan, with greater density we could have more neighborhoods like these rather than neighborhoods like Van Ness. (No Offense Van Ness) There just seems to be a few too little walkable corridors. But like you said nothing is probably going to change because it'll be up to the Fed.