Friday, September 30, 2011

Read This Now - On Academic Careers, Teaching, & Opportunities

If you haven't guessed yet, I'm working my way through a back list of articles from earlier this year that I read and enjoyed either when they first hit the interwebs or that I finally had time to get to now (being under-employed has some advantages I suppose).

The latest in this series is a great little story from David Eisenbach about his (mostly) failed career as an academic and how seizing the opportunity to work with Larry Flynt (yes, The Larry Flynt) let him succeed as a teacher in a whole new and exciting way...

Next we moved on to a packed theater for a discussion about the book. For an hour, Flynt and I entertained more than 1,000 people with our stories. Afterward, during the book signing, a middle-aged woman said something that I'll always remember: "If only my teachers taught history like you just did, I would have been a history major." That was my career goal all along—to be a great teacher who turned people on to history. In a strange way, my failures in the academic world had helped me achieve that goal on a bigger stage.
Read the whole thing, it'll be 10 minutes of fun added to your day.

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