Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night

It's almost all over but the counting at this point (plenty of people not living in the eastern time zone still have to vote) and while the pundits scream about it being too close to call the actual number crunchers say things aren't actually razor tight (see last night's Colbert to help understand that conclusion).

In addition to watching The Report here are a couple of other things to check out while you wait for the results map to get colored in...

Why do so many people not vote?  The WonkBlog team takes a look (with charts) and it seems like a lot of them are lazy.

One of the dominate themes from the day, even in non-competitive areas like here in DC, has been loooong lines at polling places.  It is a travesty and an inexcusable one that we make it so difficult to vote in this country (wait maybe this has something to do with why some people don't bother to vote) and Andrew Cohen elaborates on this point in more depth than I'm willing to get into.

Referring back to the Nate Silver interview in the Colbert episode (you watched that already right?) Adam Gopnik breaks things down in this Moneyball election season.  Silver fought this battle in the baseball world already and he was and is right.

The times have changed since we last did this dance and I'll be commenting on twitter, if at all, the rest of the evening.  Not sure what we'll have on the TV since PBS doesn't come in over our bunny ears (guess that's why we have the interwebs).

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