Tuesday, January 1, 2013

End Of The Year Tab Dump - Seafood

It's the end of 2012 and my folder full of tabs / bookmarks that I've been meaning to share is over flowing.  The end of a year seems like a good enough reason to get them all out there for your perusal and it doesn't hurt that it will help get me up over the 100 post threshold for 2012 either.

We're gonna do this categorically, sort of at least, some other links ended up on twitter; check the sidebar for those or @hcoppola.

So we didn't get through everything on new year's eve, I had better things to do what can I say?  Which means the dump will continue to start off 2013.

Here's a bunch of stuff on Seafood, fisheries, and the state of the oceans that I meant to share with y'all...

Callum Roberts' new book The Ocean of Life came out (it's on my reading list) and he discussed the book and the fate and state of the oceans with The Economist and Diane Rehm.

The WaPo highlighted the need for fisheries reform to ensure long term sustainability of stocks and livelihoods.

Community Supported Fisheries work to meet these challenging goals and help generate long term solutions for the fishing industry and coastal communities.

This new design for a better trawl net is just one of the fronts in the search for sustainable fishing solutions.

Grist took a look at seafood ratings, which may or may not be making any difference.

Charlie Pierce pointed to new research showing that climate change is negatively impacting US fisheries and fish stocks.

University of MD researchers are developing plant based fish food that will help make aquaculture more sustainable.

The Cook Islands and New Caledonia became the latest Pacific Ocean nations to establish extensive marine reserves.

The Washington Monthly went long on the importance and plight of menhaden back in the spring and new menhaden regulations were passed in December.

This happened as part of an effort to bring attention to the shark finning issue...

And since my interest in fisheries work and issues stems from the fact that I find seafood delicious KCRW had a great look at the origins and continuing awesomeness that is sushi (use the buttons towards the bottom of the player to jump to the sushi sections).

We've got three more to go still gang...

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