Tuesday, January 1, 2013

End Of The Year Tab Dump - Sports

It's the end of 2012 and my folder full of tabs / bookmarks that I've been meaning to share is over flowing.  The end of a year seems like a good enough reason to get them all out there for your perusal and it doesn't hurt that it will help get me up over the 100 post threshold for 2012 either.

We're gonna do this categorically, sort of at least, some other links ended up on twitter; check the sidebar for those or @hcoppola.

So we didn't get through everything on new year's eve, I had better things to do what can I say?  Which means the dump will continue to start off 2013.

These are the Sports items that I still have banging around...

A whole bunch of former NFL players sued over concussion related long term injury effects, including Skins great Art Monk.  A lot of important research into football and head trauma is ongoing at universities around the country.

There was this short doc on Pete Rose...

Bruins great Shawn Thorton did an interview with Boston's leading LGBT publication and talked about the potential and likelihood of having a gay teammate.  Bottom line: nobody better pick on him.

ESPN got into international football match fixing issues.

The Awl took a look at players who only got a cup of coffee in the show.

There was a doc about MLB recruiting in Latin America.

And SI went long on steroids in baseball (I still haven't read this one).

Only one more to go kids...

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