Saturday, November 21, 2009

Begun It Has...

End soon it will not I fear. The Democratic caucus in the Senate marshaled the requisite 60 votes tonight to pass a cloture motion opening debate on the health care reform bill (you are correct that makes no sense, unfortunately that's how the Senate rolls).

Now we're likely to get fairly endless debate and a ton more cloture votes, somewhere online today someone remarked that Harry Reid needs a cloture vote before he sneezes these days, with the smart money on the action coming to a head shortly before the State of the Union to give the President a deliverable.

Right now Lieberman (I-narcissistic asshole land) (Is Joe reminding anyone else of Ralph Nader a bit these days?) and Blanche Lincoln are threatening to filibuster a bill containing a public option and Bernie Sanders is making noises about whether he'll support a bill that doesn't contain the public option.

Ahh the Senate, gotta love me some parliamentary procedure!

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