Saturday, November 7, 2009

Is This The Week That Twitter Really Arrived?

I'm not sitting here tonight breathlessly following the events on the house floor, but if I was I would be doing it on twitter. Of which Ezra Klein just opined "live tweeting is the new live blogging" in directing his readers to his twitter feed for ongoing coverage as well as offering a few other good sources to follow in the twittersphere, or whatever we're calling it these days.

Tonight's health care coverage coupled with the coverage of this past week's elections where the cable channels were widely panned, Dan Rather said (and I quote) "So much of what passed for political coverage last night was like watching a manure spreader in a windstorm." Has the consensus building that the place to be to follow politics is on twitter. Particularly if you are looking for decent, up to the minute, on the ground reporting.

It's entirely possible that we've just crossed a threshold into a new era of news delivery and a greater sense of legitimacy and import for twitter as a news medium.

If you were curious, yes I am on twitter (hcoppola) and no I don't actually post anything.

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