Monday, March 1, 2010

Jim Bunning Hates Americans

Especially unemployed Americans, and anyone who works for the government.

Thanks to Bunning 2,000 federal transportation workers were furloughed (with out pay) this morning and 400,000 unemployed Americans lost their unemployment protections.

While he was in the process of single-handedly firing 2,000 Americans and taking away the help that 400,000 Americans were relying on to make ends meet during these terrible financial times all Bunning cared about was the fact that in order to do the firing, he had to miss his favorite college's basketball game.

Have you no shame sir?

You can add senior citizens to Bunnings American hit list, his petulant actions have caused a 21% cut in medicare fees being paid to doctors that the AMA is calling a "medicare meltdown."

Maybe if Bunning cared even half as much about his constituents and Americans generally as he does about defending his Senators only elevator he would be fit to serve this country.

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