Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Read This Now - David Brooks Can't Handle The Truth

We're outsourcing this edition of Can't Handle The Truth to the trustworthy Ezra Klein...

To recap, Brooks argued that reconciliation is being used more frequently, and that past reconciliation bills, like Bush's tax cuts and prescription drug benefit, were significantly bipartisan. Reconciliation is, in fact, being used less frequently, past reconciliation bills like the tax cuts were not significantly bipartisan by any stretch of the imagination, and the prescription drug benefit did not go through reconciliation. Brooks isn't wrong in the sense that "I disagree with him." He's wrong in the sense that the column requires a correction.

Check out the whole thing, you can find a link to the Brooks piece there as well.

As an aside, it's been sad to watch Brooks go from a reasonable conservative back in the day on The News Hour to a party-line, alternate reality, kow-tower during the W administration.

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