Friday, April 16, 2010

Read This Now - Catching Up

I've been on the run and busy with end of the semester commitments and deadlines of late, so I really shouldn't be taking the time to catch up on my NYT reading but I did anyway...

Last Thursday's piece on Eliot Spitzer's life after scandal is worth a look, while I don make a habit of reading his Slate column, when I have I've enjoyed it. Overall he seems to be doing pretty alright, and I do think it's a shame that he isn't able to be more involved in revamping our financial regulation morass.

Last week's lead Business article seemed a bit out of date leading with From AT&T, at-Home Cellular 'Towers', when we've had a Verizon one for about 6 months now as have several of our family and friends. Skimming the article appears to be more about AT&T's network problems and the iphone. Once again it looks like the outside headline writer probably screwed the pooch a bit.

And Bullet Trains are hot in China, and they'd like to help the US get on board. I haven't read this piece from last Thursday's Business section yet, but high speed rail is an integral part of our future travel and energy portfolio and just manning up and getting help with the technology from any one of the countries who do it quite well (Japan, France, and Spain come to mind as well) could get the US there much more quickly.

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