Saturday, April 17, 2010

Read This Now - Darkening Skies

A couple of cool pieces on the Icelandic volcano...

Der Spiegel has a nice overview on the volcano itself, why the ash is such a problem, and touches on the issues for airlines.

NRC Handelsblad says this is nothing compared to the 1783 Icelandic eruption, which killed 10,000 Icelanders and led to famine and revolution in Europe proper.

And Alain de Botten imagines a world without planes for the BBC while stuck at Heathrow...

The wise elders would explain that inside the aircraft, passengers, who had only paid the price of a few books for the privilege, would impatiently and ungratefully shut their window blinds to the views, would sit in silence next to strangers while watching films about love and friendship - and would complain that the food in miniature plastic beakers before them was not quite as tasty as the sort they could prepare in their own kitchens.

Anyone want to try and pronounce Eyjafjallajokull? (that o should have an umlaut over it)

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