Saturday, April 17, 2010

Towards Better Aqualculture

Our oceans are rapidly running out of fish, bluefin being just the most publicized example. Aquaculture has long seemed as though it might hold the key to the future, not only of seafood, but of feeding a growing world as well.

Unfortunately most aquaculture is rife with issues, chief among them the fact that even the most efficient operations must feed their fish two or more pounds for every pound that the fish puts on. Add to this the fact that much of that feed comes from wild caught seafood that is just lower on the food chain and aquaculture is pretty much shot before you even get to pollution and antibiotics use issues.

True there are some forms that are pretty good, vegetarian fish kept in inland closed containers can do quite well. Also most shellfish aquaculture is quite good and can help return depleted stocks and the ecosystem services they provide to impaired water bodies.

At this years TED Talks Chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill Farms told of another way...

The Veta la Palma site is here, go poke around (I even gave you the English version link). I haven't had the chance to really look into yet, but I'm willing to take Barber's word for it to a large extent, the dude does good work.

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