Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Last Chance For Bluefin

When Bluefin Tuna failed to gain listing as a protected species at the CITES convention earlier this year, most Bluefin advocates took it as a pretty solid nail in the majestic (and oh so tasty) fish's coffin.

Throw in the fact that the BP Gulf Spill has been dumping enormous amounts of oil into the Bluefin's spawning grounds during spawning season and that'll just about do it most folks would say.

The Center for Biological Diversity isn't throwing in the towel just yet, however. They've just announced the filing of a formal petition to grant the Bluefin Endagered status here in the US. If successful the tactic might help to slow the Bluefin's demise. Unfortunately, too much of the catch takes place beyond US jurisdiction and too much of the market goes to Japan for it to really save the species.

Greenpeace is also refusing to go quietly on the Bluefin front, last week it deployed its flagship to the Med to effect tuna fleets in the same style in which it used to interfere with whaling ships.

I hope we manage to save some tuna, I'm in this fight largely because I don't want to have to stop eating fish.

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