Saturday, May 8, 2010

So What's Plan C?

With oil still gushing out of the BP Gulf Leak and the latest zany plan, lowering a big box over the leak and sucking the oil up to a ship, having failed, what's next?

Dumping toxic dispersant on the oil didn't go so well, same with burning it off, maybe the Soviets had the right idea after all and we should just nuke the sucker...

The AP coverage coming through on Yahoo News has been pretty good of late, this piece has a run down on what seems to have happened and the BP execs who were out on the rig celebrating that it hadn't screwed up yet when the shit hit the fan.

Google also has this page set up to help folks get a grasp on the size of the spill. It's worth checking out, and noting that the post links to sources estimating the spill as much larger, up to 2 million gallons a day (yikes).

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