Monday, May 17, 2010

Read This Now - About That Spill

I was going to but together a little rundown on all the shenanigans surrounding the huge amounts of oil that continue to pour into the Gulf of Mexico with no expectations of being brought under control for another month still. But then I realized that Amy Davidson at the New Yorker had already done a really good job of it.

So go see what she has to say already...

That easily surpasses Nixon’s “I think that you would have to conclude that this is a Great Wall” in the category of unhelpful quasi-metaphysical politico-babble. He should save thoughts like that for whenever they remake “Cosmos.” Meanwhile, Hayward met with Charlie Crist, the governor of Florida, and promised to help pay for a tourism advertising campaign. It might take a bit more than that if, as a computer model indicates it may be, the oil is caught in the Loop Current, which would carry it through the Florida Keys and up the East Coast. The ocean is big and the ocean is wide—but that doesn’t mean it’s a bottomless box we can stuff things into.

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