Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bigger And Badder

You may have noticed some new posts on the blog that seem to have miraculously appeared from the very ether of the internets.  If you're a keen observer, you'll recognize the posts as not new but relocated ones.

When Coppola Comments first started I was on a very political bent and wanted to keep the lighter side of life separated from my screeds.  These days it makes a lot more sense to just have all of the ramblings right here together.  So page Too is now part of the main blog and won't be getting any new updates, it will remain as an archive of sorts, although of course now all of those posts are here as well.

We'll also be cleaning up and expanding the labels that we use, since they had been limited to Read This Now posts and now they have expanded to include the labels used on page Too.

So have fun, explore the older posts if they're new to you, and please keep coming back for the new ones of all shapes and sizes.

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