Sunday, September 5, 2010

Read This Now - Reading List

These three pieces all come from the very good Best of the Moment from The Browser...

Did you know that Darwin was one of the pioneers of environmental management and terra forming?  Seems he started the project that turned Ascension from a barren volcanic cone about as far from anything else as you can get.  To a fairly lush and green volcanic cone in the middle of the ocean.

Actually there are atheists in fox holes. One of them happens to cover a Navy Chaplain's back...

"He trusts God to keep him safe," says RP2 Chute. "And I'm here just in case that doesn't work out."
See also the quote from the Chaplain Corps historian.

And William Gibson discusses Google and our relationship with it and cyberspace.
Google is not ours. Which feels confusing, because we are its unpaid content-providers, in one way or another. We generate product for Google, our every search a minuscule contribution. Google is made of us, a sort of coral reef of human minds and their products. And still we balk at Mr. Schmidt’s claim that we want Google to tell us what to do next. Is he saying that when we search for dinner recommendations, Google might recommend a movie instead? If our genie recommended the movie, I imagine we’d go, intrigued. If Google did that, I imagine, we’d bridle, then begin our next search. 
That should keep you out of trouble for a while.

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