Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting Greener, Environmentally And Financially

To be honest I can't recall if Euro's come in green.  But the little central Italian village of Tocco da Casauria is making a pretty penny with it's new green power installations, and it's also drawing international attention.  It was great to see this article as the above the fold front page lead in the NYT yesterday...

Apparently the NYT has it set up so that I can't embed the photo here, instead of pulling it down and putting it back up, I'll just say that it was a neat little article.  The residents of the town have embraced the renewable power and since the excess power is being purchased for the grid the local taxes for trash removal and some other city services are being paid for.  All in all, it is a small but remarkable and promising success story.

No you didn't miss the link, if the NYT doesn't want to share the artwork for the story then I won't link to it.

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