Saturday, December 11, 2010

China Keeps It Classy

I don't get why China persists in handling human rights issues and civil liberties so poorly.  I know they have a dictatorial communist regime background to work through, but they've done a pretty good job of modernizing and liberalizing the economy and it seems that they should be able to loosen up a bit on the people and thoughts side of things without the country crumbling and without even creating any real threat to the ruling party's grip on power.

But then a Chinese dissident gets the Nobel Peace Prize and the Chinese government goes nuts and handles the PR and the situation generally just about as poorly as they possibly could, especially on an international stage.

Which results in this picture from the Nobel ceremony...

Photo via Maddow Blog

The last time that a Nobel Peace Prize wasn't handed to the laureate or a family member representing them the Nazi's wouldn't let anyone attend.

Nice one China.

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