Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Consequences Of Your Actions

We all know the old adage that elections have consequences and now it seems that Representatives votes in Congress may as well.

According to BayouBuzz (an online Louisiana news outlet) several local ministers have launched a recall drive in newly elected Republican Representative Anh "Joesph" Cao's 2nd District. The recall's organizers claim to have already collected more than 12,ooo signatures in the first week. While off to a fast start they'll need a lot more support as Louisiana requires one third of registered voters in the District to launch a recall (again, according to BayouBuzz).

The ministers and constituents are angry over Cao's two votes against the stimulus package:

Wallace, Chairman of Recall Committee, argues that his and Young’s effort will succeed because of the anger against the newly elected Republican in the very pro-Obama, Democratic-leaning seat. “Representative Anh Cao's has already cast two votes in opposition to President Obama's Economic Stimulus Bill. This Economic Stimulus Bill will mean billons of dollars for Louisiana 's citizens in the form of assistance for education, extended benefits for unemployed citizens, and much, much more. However, Anh Cao has chosen to represent his Party over the interests of the citizens of this District and this State.”
Certainly a story to keep an eye on...

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