Monday, February 23, 2009

Whither Roland Burris

One of the stories to keep an eye on as the week opens and the government gets back to work is the fate of Roland Burris. Most observes were fairly shocked that former Governor Blagojevich would even try to appoint a new Senator amidst his impeachment over charges including his attempted sale of the position in question. But it seemed that there wasn't actually much to be done and after a modicum of protest Burris became a Senator and now, well now Burris is in a fiery tailspin reminiscent of nothing so much as his late patron Blagojevich's last days in the spotlight.

The Washington Post this morning joined the NY Times and the Chicago Tribune in calling for Burris's resignation (the Tribune beat the drums most of last week). Burris's loaner chief of staff resigned on Friday and the new Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, also called for him to step down. Robert Gibbs speaking from the podium in the White House didn't go quite so far but nonetheless made clear the White House wasn't happy...

If you need a quick update and what Burris has said and done, and in some cases not said, you've probably been in the outback for the past week but War Room will catch you up.

Hey even if it was a short run Burris can still carve United States Senator onto his resume.

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