Monday, February 23, 2009

Politics At The Oscars? Hah!

Tongue in cheek aside politics often make an appearance on Hollywood's biggest night. Sometimes things are well put and worthwhile and sentiments are often heart felt and sometimes emotions run high.

Dustin Lance Black gave an eloquent and moving acceptance last night when he won best original screenplay for Milk, incidentally it was the second Oscar of the night so the speech was made at about 9 pm to (I haven't seen any numbers) a large national TV audience.

The WaPo had a cool rundown of some particularly memorable political moments at the Oscars on Sunday which translates as a slide show online. They rightly point out George Clooney's brilliant acceptance for best supporting actor in Syriana a few years back.

(sorry but this seems to be the only version available online and you have to watch all of the run up, didn't want to leave you hanging though.)

George Clooney at the Oscars

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