Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Local Culture

It would be remiss not to talk about the local scene from time to time here.  I'm not really one for modern dance and I thought the 'music' (I would call it noise) that accompanied the third dance in last weekend's Merce Cunningham performances at the DPAC was excruciating (if I was at the end of the row I would have left), it was however an event.

The Indy called it 'unquestionably the cultural event of the season' in it's preview and in case you thought they were being hyperbolic, Merce made the front page on Monday's NYT (as an online pull) and there was a big piece on the performance specifically, not just the farewell tour, in the arts section.

Unfortunately the DPAC was pretty empty, which makes linking to the NYT slideshow more useful because you probably missed the show...

Sara D. Davis for The New York Times
There were also a number of posts about the Merce performance on Duke Performance's blog The Thread recently.

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