Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sharks, Whales, And Bears - Oh My!

Here are a couple of interesting marine themed stories to ponder...

Via Blogfish comes this tale (er, study actually) of Alaskan killer whales killing and eating gray whale calves.  What makes it particularly interesting is that the scientists have discovered that the killer whales are essentially storing the carcasses so that they can come back and get more than one meal out of the kill.  When one of those carcasses washes up on shore it feeds the thriving local brown bear population, local sleeper sharks also eat the leftovers.

Speaking of sharks, there is this guy named Jim Abernathy down in Florida and the Bahamas who spends a lot of time with sharks and apparently is recognized by individual sharks with whom he has developed a relationship.  This is just a photo set from the Telegraph teasing his forthcoming book, it would be very cool to see if there was any research being done surrounding his work with sharks.

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