Monday, December 31, 2012

Come On Baby

Light my seriously cool fire in this BioLite portable camp stove thingy.  I've been meaning to put something up about this gadget for quite a little while now.  It's ostensibly a camp stove, but really it burns wood and puts out electricity through a USB port.  You could use one or even better they have great applications for charging small electric devices off the grid in developing countries around the world with a bigger version.

Here's the camp stove style intro video...

You can learn more about the project on the BioLite website and even pick up a stove for $130.  Outside gave it a good review and the BioLite team picked up an epic award with another good review from Gear Junkie.  You can also see more videos of the BioLite in action and check out reviews from real world users across the interwebs.

(via LS)

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