Monday, December 31, 2012

End Of The Year Tab Dump - Food

It's the end of 2012 and my folder full of tabs / bookmarks that I've been meaning to share is over flowing.  The end of a year seems like a good enough reason to get them all out there for your perusal and it doesn't hurt that it will help get me up over the 100 post threshold for 2012 either.

We're gonna do this categorically, sort of at least, some other links ended up on twitter; check the sidebar for those or @hcoppola.

First up is Food...

The best history of bourbon that I've read, and arguably the most authoritative one out there was authored by Circuit Judge Boyce F. Martin, Jr. for the US Court of Appeals, Sixth District.  It starts on page three with these words "All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon." (pdf)

Andy Revkin's students in a Pace University course made this interesting 14 minute doc on how the cork gets in the bottle of wine and the still simmering controversy and competition between corks, synthetic corks, and screw caps in the wine world.

A.A. Gill is not pleased with the Michelin Guide.

Pretty much everyone in the world has used or tasted Maggi at some point in their cooking and eating experiences.  The cultures and cuisines that use a lot of Maggi all think it belongs to them; turns out it was invented in Switzerland in the 1880's by a guy named, wait for it, Maggi.

Eric Ripert got in on the new You Tube channel and show movement (which I really need to delve a little deeper into, that's another post though) and this episode with Stanley Tucci is pretty great...

Stay tuned as we close out 2012 and roll into 2013...

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