Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blagojevich Is A Jagoff

WTF - Technical Difficulties!!

It's official, Jon Stewart has declared it so.

The full episode player at The Daily Show website looks to be running in a much higher definition than last time I checked it out (for that matter it looks like these embedded videos are going to be pretty decent as well). I just finished watching the rest of the above episode, in which Jon delivers one of his best in person take downs ever as he discusses gay marriage and the size and scope of our government with Mike Huckabee.

Since I'm so nice you can check it out here, in two parts:

And in other Daily Show news Rob Riggle is moving on, to fight crime or create his own sitcom...

Alright that has to have satisfied your video fix for the moment and possibly overloaded you on The Daily Show, wait is that even possible?

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