Friday, December 19, 2008

Franken Pulling Ahead

Democrat Al Franken has pulled ahead in the recount of the Minnesota Senatorial Election.

According to the Star Tribune Franken currently leads by 272. Up to 283 while I typed.

I'm following the Strib coverage and that of Minnesota Public Radio (both have streaming feeds as does the uptake). The Minnesota Supreme Court ruling on the counting of absentee ballots declared invalid sets a deadline of December 31 for decisions to be made (jointly by both campaigns and the relevant county boards) on which of the previously disallowed absentee ballots to count. So we won't have official results until the newyear it seems (I doubt the Coleman will concede). The conventional wisdom says that Franken will gain ground through any absentee ballots added to the recount and the current tally asumes none of them will be counted so things are looking good for the SNL alum.

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