Thursday, December 4, 2008

W, You Should Probably Just Keep Your Head Down and Your Mouth Shut

I haven't watched the Bush-Gibson ABC interview yet and I probably won't. Bush was a terrible president when he had some clout and now as the lamest duck ever, his words are essentially meaningless. Every time I catch a snippet of Bush talking, particularly in reference to our current economical situation I cringe and wonder why we don't switch administrations sooner after the vote.

All this is to say that Joan Walsh did watch the ABC exit interview and she handily takes Bush's thoughts and answers apart, you should go read it regardless of your feelings on watching the interview itself.

Which reminds me that I think the upcoming movie of the Frost-Nixon interviews is a bit odd. I understand the play, seeing real live people act out that interview should be more palpable than watching it on the screen, big or small. And all reports were that they did a fantastic job of bringing the interviews to life. Also the timing is great, I definitely think that it is important to not just let Bush and his cronies slip away into insignificance. We're going to spend a lot of time and energy as a country trying to right the ship of government and the status of our Constitution and the rule of law after what they've done while in power. At the very least they deserve to be investigated and hopefully held accountable.

But I don't really get the movie because now you're just watching two actor recreate a series of television interviews that are available on DVD and the web. Is there any good reason to watch the movie instead of the original interviews? (please let me know if you've got one)

And on moving up the inauguration, Daniel Shorr had a great take on it days before the election. I think that a week would be too fast of a turnaround but surely things could be done before the holidays, say December 20 instead of January. Moving things up a month would be a vast improvement especially given the current economic and war settings facing our nation and the world.

Late Addition: Daniel Schorr talked about these sets of interviews last night.

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