Friday, December 5, 2008

The NYT is Leading the Charge

To the future that is. The Times continues to innovate with it's online news coverage. I'm a big fan of their interactive extras and while their latest is labeled as such it's more of a give and take if you will, a move to make journalism more communicative and not just a one way medium.

The Times ran an article about a week ago detailing Senator Rangel's dealings with a corporate tax loophole and large charitable donations. Needless to say the Senator was less than thrilled with the coverage and protested in a letter to the editor. On Wednesday the Times responded, go have a look...

The response reminds me of one of the first things that I ever put up online, I do think that the Times is headed in the right direction and that after some initial stumbling (Times Select anyone?) is leading the way (they now link to competitor's articles).

(NYT vs. Rangel via EK)

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